Hello, Bonjour, Kia Ora

Hello all,

I’m Cameron and I’ve been doing instructional design work for a bit more than a decade, first here in Canada, then in New Zealand and now back in Canada. I’ve worked in both Higher Ed and in corporate learning and development. I like to keep my skills sharp, so I am looking forward to (re)learning some stuff that I did when I worked in NZ and, as always, learning things that I can apply to my professional life.

I once described my personal view on learning like this:

Learning is a pie. The pie gets split up based on appropriateness and student need. Some of the pie is eaten at the cafe, some of it is eaten as take away, some of it is a theoretical discussion of pie, some of it is reading recipes about pie or maybe watching videos about pie, or discussing pie face to face or online. But in the end it’s all pie. That’s learning (also I’m craving something sweet).


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