Reckons on the Symposium Annuel Histoire du Jeu

For parts of the last two days I was at the Symposium Annuel Histoire du Jeu, which was provoking and interesting and challenging. Hightlights were too numeroous, and mb I’ll blog about that later, though getting to hear Christine (@kikidotca) talk was amazing (it’s been over four years since she’s given a talk in the same city, or even continent as I, so that was pretty cool).

But all the way through a thought, or series, percolated in my head (and they are unpolished and raw, so bear with me): What is wrong with the people who are fighting so very hard against diversity in gaming, games and game production?

Because I sat there, listening to person after well spoken, clever, passionate person talk about a medium they love, a medium they live and breath and how they would like to make it better and.. .. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell there is to resist.

My other thought was about how diversity (at its larger, intersectional level), or the lack of it, is like the struggle with patriarchy and how so many very insecure men don’t get how limiting sexist crap is for “us” as well as for women. It’s like this: I love, I am loved, I’m a dad, I’m a son, I’ve buried my mother, I have an, at times, complicated relationship with my dad, I have an, at times, stereotypically father – pre-teen relationship with my son, I’ve a MA in ed tech, but I suck at building curriculum for my own kids home schooling.. I’m lot of stuff but what I’m not is a raping, pillaging, mindless killing machine.

Now, I’m not saying that anyone would really like to play a game based on my life (seriously, my Saturday night has been co-op games with my son, cooking him dinner, cleaning the cat box and doing dishes.. woo!), and I’m quite addicted to Battlefield 4, but would it really be the end of the world if the we had a wee think about what videogames are saying about us supposedly manly men? Because seriously, the games that I play and are marketed at me (and it works, god it works, this all reminds me of these lyrics) and, I guess, mirror my interests, really don’t reflect my full me.

More thinking needed.


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