Appologies and supposed harrassment and opinions and social media and lions and tigers oh my!

This was going to be some tweets, but then it made no sense, so here goes.

Thing A happens. Thing A offends some people. These people, because they aren’t actually part of a committee that meets and delegates responsibility for being offended each take it upon themselves to tell the person who did Thing A that they are offended. (It would absolutely suck if you were the person who did Thing A because being told that you’ve offended people by one person sort of sucks, but by hundreds? urgh.)

So anyway the offended people tell the person that did Thing A that they are upset. They are entitled to do this. If many of them do this the person who did Thing A now has many data points to think about. IE: “Hmm.. many people on social media wonder what I was thinking before I did/said Thing A, perhaps they have a point.” Ass opposed to, say “one yelling nutter is telling me that Thing A was wrong, screw them.”.

Anyway, I mention this because earlier today I was told that many people voicing their opinions about a shirt and telling the wearer of the shirt was harassment and that any apology that came after that was coerced.

It seems to me that, by this standard, just about every apology in the history of apologies has been coerced.

Also people who use “Social Justice” as if it’s an insult? I SEE YOU THERE! PLEASE KNOW I’M JUDGING YOU.

very harshly indeed

PS: The fact that some people are not offended, even if they are of the same loose demographic grouping as those that are, does not actually mean that a) the offense is not real b) that the people who are offended have no right to be.


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