Let’s start this with a story, if you’ll indulge me.

My parents had my sister and I later in life (well, by 1960s standards) and many of their friends had older kids, or they had parental peers who were much younger. This meant that many of their friends either were the parents of, or were themselves, hippies.

So, my parents, reasonably, steeled themselves for the possibility that their son would have long hair, and their daughter would rename herself to Moonsomestupidshit and both would have a lot of flower power crap going on.

So, because life is like that, both of us wound up being alty/punk kids with Docs and combat boots and lots and lots of black clothing and shaved heads and earrings and such. Their mistake was not remembering that what is popular or counter cultural at the time of birth will not still be those things when the kid is older.

So, because there is apparently an inter-generational learning curve issue, I steeled myself for Lucas to like horrible music of the Britney Spears variety and we set out to make sure this wouldn’t happen. The lad can identify old school hip hop, many punk bands and Johnny Fricking Cash about 20 seconds into most songs. He has had meaningful conversations about the issues BDP brings up and we’ve talked about how Cash sings about religion a lot, though many people seem to not notice.

Bullet dodged right?

What I didn’t reckon was that he’d go and like stuff that I didn’t like, but the OTHER way (IE, more contemporary/cool). So, now, to my utter horror, I’ve had to promise that the next time Skrillex comes to Montreal/somewhere near Montreal and is a) afforableish and b) somewhere all ages, I’m going to have to take him. I feel so… Dadlike.

(PS B-tone, if you’re reading this, we’re going to need your help, cause I have the sense that Skillrex is like a gateway band to your world of laptop lads and their clicks and whirrs – please steer us!)


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