This was only ever supposed to be a three year visit. Somehow, almost six years later, we’re still here in Aotearoa New Zealand. The idea, the Grand Plan, was that we’d come over, Christine would do her PHD on her scholarship and we’d bugger off when it was done in three years. Cameron would get a job in Dunedin, our house in Canada would sell, maybe we’d buy an investment property to live in while we were here and everything would be grand. Oh yes indeedy.

So yeah, the PhD is nearly finished, the Dunedin job never happened and the real estate market in Canada crashed. So Cameron wound up working first in Wellington, then in Christchurch, while Christine and Lucas lived in Dunedin. Then everyone moved to Christchurch, just in time for the quakes to kick off (which slowed progress on ALL the things). Chris started working in Christchurch, then Cameron got a job in Dunedin and commuted for a bit, then we all moved here…

It has been, frankly, a bit exhausting. Through it all we’ve loved this place, but it has never felt like home.

Home is the wonderful mess that is Montreal. Home is a 130 year old end of terrace house. Home is where our now (god they’ll hit me if they read this) aging/aged parents live. Home is where winter comes for real and summer is insanely hot. Home is where we fight endlessly about language and culture and then make up over the shared joy we have about Les Canadiens having a good hockey season.

So home is where we’re going.

Sometime around the 25th of July all, or at least two-thirds of us (job offer dependent), are going back to Canada.

PS: we are going to be Trademeing the living crap out of our stuff (or accepting offers from anyone who’s seen something they want – We have Dunedin’s largest collection of IKEA!), we are also looking to borrow a line trimmer and may be begging a lift to the dump/a few other places.

PPS: Pardon for the third person usage, it’s just that this is to be a general announcement from all of us, not just me



  1. Gregor

    I can’t say I’m surprised, but it’s been great to know you guys through your Kiwi adventure. Want a couple of retirees sleeping on your couch next April? (Just kidding.)

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