Political expediency

Look, here’s the thing, I voted for Gilles Duceppe at least four times. I know, as an Anglo that this made me unpopular, but, given our FPP system in Canada and given that most other candidates in our riding were sacrificial lambs, I reckoned voting for the guy who I thought was the best MP for my riding seemed like a good idea.

Voting that way got me called names, caused some interesting debates in my family and was generally not always the easiest way forward. That said, I thought Gilles was an excellent MP, a great voice for workers and that the BQ did a really excellent job in committees on the Hill. I didn’t agree with him about everything (Afghanistan, which has worked out badly, was something I support(ed?) but the BQ didn’t), but for the most part he and the BQ had an 75% to 80% overlap with my views. I am also an odd sort of Anglo, in that I’m sort of ambivalent about separation. As I’ve said here before, I consider myself a Montrealer first and a Quebecois and Canadian a distant second.

That’s why this

upset me so much.

(Roughly, in English: Sovereignty is neither left or right, but forward. Pierre Karl Péladeau is basically everything Duceppe is not)

Seriously, the ex-union organizer, the social-democrat, the guy who I thought was onside with my views said that?

As we say around here, yeah nah.


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