Earthquake stress

A strange thing happened this morning (attention TMIish time). I was sitting on the loo… well hang on, this needs a bit of background, I seem to have ridden out many of the worst aftershocks while either on or in the loo when we were living in Christchurch, so there is a strong connection between being in there and earthquakes.. so anyway, there I was… in the loo and there was a rumbling, perhaps it was a truck or the wind, I have no idea…

So what happened was my heartrate spiked, my adrenalin started pumping and I practically jumped up off the toilet; I also braced myself off the walls and got ready for the quake.

But it didn’t come.

Because I now live in Dunedin and we don’t do that here (or at least not usually).

I wonder: will this be with my always?

It also makes me wonder: just how much earthquake stress are all of us from/of Christchurch carrying with us?




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