Old year, Old goals

So this was last year’s set of resolutions:

“Right. It’s 5:30pm on the 1st, so it’s time: 15kgs (and fitter). Listen to music more often. Date nights with Christine Daviault once a month/as thesis allows, let go of my rage, hiking of some kind once a month. Sleep more/better. Learn to make pasta with my new pasta maker. Figure out how to deal with Lucas better. For now”

So, how did I do?

I’m back up in weight a bit, but I got down to 19kg weight loss at one point, so this one is a solid HELL YES! I’m no longer a gym member so I’m not pounding out the intense cardio like I was earlier in the year so that probably accounts for the slight weight gain. I’m also doing exclusively bodyweight workouts ( I suppose that’s a post of it’s own at some point, but I’m doing one in the backyard and one at playgrounds) so it’s possible that I’ve gained mass as well. That said I have put on some flab around the middle. Working on this by counting calories again (myfitnesspal.com is your friend) and working through the “Ease into 5K” program with Lucas and Christine.

Music. I listened to more. I need to listen to even more and discover new stuff. The late 80s and early 90s made fine music, I need to listen to things from the last decade or so.

Date nights. Yeah, nah. Look, childcare remains an issue for us. We got out a few times (THANKS GENISSA!) but mostly we hung out at home.

Rage? Yeah, nah. Still ragey. Trying to calm down some.

Hiking? Yeah, not so much. Some got done, but not heaps.

Sleep? Basically once a month Chris and I get to the point where we’re exhausted and go to bed early for a week.

Pasta? I can makes it. Slowly though. Part of that is to do with the fact that speed comes with practice. Part of it is that I’m pokey in the kitchen and part of it is that I can’t clamp my pasta maker to the counter properly. This means the process goes “feed dough in, crank, swear as clamp comes undone, try and clamp it again, swear, give up, crank with one hand and hold bottom of pasta maker with other hand”. The results are very, very tasty though.

Lucas. Lucas, Lucas, Lucas.. or more fairly: Lucas, his ability to find and push my buttons and my stupidity of reacting. So yeah, ongoing project.



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