Endings and beginnings

So, here’s the thing.

Life is about things ending and about new things starting.

So, after threeish years I’m leaving Lincoln University. When I started here the Flexible Learning Initiative was part of Commerce and really only meant to deal with Commerce courses. Since then we’ve become part of the larger Library, Teaching and Learning family, have expanded our scope to encompass the whole campus and have moved on to working on a bunch of new things (Moodle 2, workshops, PD for staff, some commercial work, policy committees…). We’ve gone from being the odd people in the building out back of Commerce who you were meant to ignore to being the odd people in the building out back of Commerce who you no longer ignored.

This, I reckon, is what is called a quantum leap.

But, for me, it’s time to try new things and find new challenges. So, for that reason (and some others) I applied for and was offered a job at Otago Polytechnic. They’re going to be doing some new, very exciting things. Things I’ve never done before and things that are closer to the traditional ID work that I love so much (SME + Ed Tech geek = new course etc).

I’ve enjoyed my time at Lincoln. Surely there were moments that I enjoyed less, but they were more than evened out by the pleasure of working with the FLI team, people from LTL and a variety of staff and faculty members. I’d like to think we got some good work done together and made the world (or this lovely little corner of it) better for our students.

So on November 30th I finish here at Lincoln University and on December 3rd I start at Otago Polytechnic. I’m going to be splitting my time between working in the office down there (two days a week) and working from Christchurch (three days in the home office) for now.

I’m equal parts excited and nervous and filled with anticipation.

Here’s another thing, even though I’ve done a lot of goodbyeing and helloing in the last 4 or so years (leaving Montreal, moving to NZ, settling in Dunedin, working in Wellington, back to Dunner, working in Christchurch and going home on the weekend, moving to Christchurch, saying goodbye to so much of the city) I kind of suck at goodbyes. For all my sweariness and bluster etc I am basically a great big ball of emotions around goodbyes.

So I’m not saying goodbye.

It’s my blog and you can’t make me.


Ka kite ano/ see you later/ salut, à bientôt


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