Looking for a name

Hello. Bonjour. Kia ora.

This is an introduction and a place holder while I’m trying to come up with a better name for the blog.

I’ve been using house of fun for over a decade but it really doesnt capture me, what I’m thinking about or…well, anything.

So I’m thinking.

Posting will be, frankly, a mix of rage fueled rants, thoughtful clmmentary and random musings about politics (Canada and NZ plus US from time to time), the media, pop culture, design and education (and sometimes all of them combined). If you are very lucky, I may even write stuff about my son and, with her approval only, my lovely wife.

Posting will also be infrequent, heavily weighted towards omnibus postings and, if past performance is any indicator, riddled with typos and swearing.


Hold on tight.


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